Welcome to my Developer Profile

Hello, I am Jay. I am a software developer and trainer.

Previously, I maintained a website on wordpress, but I decided to use wordpress only for personal website. Almost all of my example code, open source projects are live on github, it made sense to simply set this right here on github.

If you are a potential client, please consider this as my online resume/profile showcase.

Open Source Projects

I maintain multiple open source projects, and many of them are used to show to clients, and also used when I take up corporate and college trainings.

  1. API/Backend Servers - multiple technologies. Github repo details here
  2. Client apps - multiple technologies. Github repo details here
  3. Basic web programming tutorial textbook. Github repo details here
  4. Studying COVID19 with Azure ML for future projections. Github repo details here

multi platform developer

I tend to work on multiple projects, on multiple platforms and across so many different technologies. I ended up working a lot in small teams for small businesses from all over the world (remotely), and I ended up picking so many different things. Hence, the many different projects listed above.

Hire Me

I currently maintain my freelancer work profile, on UpWork. It has full details about my past commercial work, testimonials and related details.

Consider checking my profile out, and consider hiring me directly on UpWork.

Contact Details

Here are the many ways in which I can be reached.